Welcome to Unexpected Android Apps

At the end, all is about managing expectations….

Albert Einstein

I’m bored of all this normal no-surprising apps on the stores

Ada Lovelace

I normally uninstall my apps after 4 days. Booooring.

Truman Capote




What is Unexpected Apps?

Are you tired of having the same apps all the time in your phone? The apps are static entities that change little with the time. What if you could have an app that changes EVERY WEEK? Unexpected apps is just that. A meta-app, and app of apps for android. Every week I will create a new app and I will deliver it to the store, you will only need to update this app. It will be something unexpected, something funny, maybe useful… maybe not. I do this for the fun and the challenge of providing new unexpected experiences to the users every week.

Why Unexpected Android Apps?

Android allows me to submit the app fast and deliver the new update in few hours. And it is the language I’m most used to code.

Be part of the experiment. Be part of the unexpected.

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